Hervé S. Maniraguha

Troubleshooter Entrepreneur Technologist Futurist Artist


Resourceful Problem Solver

Hervé started his career as a software engineer in the Nantes area (Western France), where he focused on implementing web-based solutions. He then moved to Geneva to work as a Support Engineer at Richemont S.A. During his four years there, Hervé gained comprehensive insights into the full lifecycle of software, from development and deployment to its real-world application and user support.

Following a brief tenure at Sonarsource as a Support Engineer, he joined Dotphoton A.G in Zug as a full-stack developer and tech lead. At Dotphoton, a pioneering AI-based technology company specializing in raw image compression, he amalgamated his dual passions for photography and software development.

Consistently expanding his expertise in technology development and entrepreneurship, Hervé is now channeling his skills into his own startup, Heimlichkeit Gmbh. This venture focuses on the tokenization of tangible assets such as art, real estate, and luxury items, innovating in the field of asset management and investment.

Facts About Hervé

Hervé completed his MSc in Computer Science, specializing in Bioinformatics, at Nantes University in Western France. He aspires to become a successful entrepreneur in the coming years. Over the past two decades, Hervé has greatly benefited from his community, with much of his education being funded through donations. His learning journey, encompassing a wide array of skills from basic life skills to advanced programming, utilizing DNA chips, and recently diving into the world of web3, reflects his drive for continuous growth and community engagement.



Education Level

MSc in Computer Science,

MBA in 2020

Job Type

Self Employed



Personal qualities

Hervé's depth of experience contributes significantly to achieving leading positions in the industry.
He possesses personal qualities, honed throughout his career, enabling him to adapt quickly, maximize efficiency, and achieve optimal performance in a very short timeframe.

Expert knowledge

Team player

Time management


Professional Timeline

Working hard and making the success

My long and diversified experience made me love what I do every day. Software development has been around for decades but It's nowhere to what it can help us achieve.
I have worked in both private and public sectors in both small and huge companies I can adapt myself in any situation.

  • Feb 2024 -> Present

    Noumena Digital, Zug

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Managing and building the Quality Assurance and the Testing environment in close collaboration with CTO. Developing software architectures as well as implementing software as of product specifications. Technological responsibility for the delivery of infrastructure for customer projects, internal infrastructure and research projects. Collaboration with Product, Program Management and Research Teams. Partial collaboration with external partners and customers. Intensive cooperation with other software engineers. Assistance technical training in the NOUMENA Quality Assurance and the Testing environment and being partially active as a software and DevOps engineer in the delivery of projects. Profound technical training in the NOUMENA product and technology.

  • June 2022 -> Dec 2023

    DotPhoton A.G, Zug

    Technical Lead

    Architect and build a scalable cross-platform Mac/PC product. Redesign product infrastructure: payment processing, user data platform, etc. Help improve performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Ongoing development of new functionality. Work closely with the chief software architect and a product owner.

  • Oct 2021 -> April 2022

    SonarSource, Geneva

    Support Engineer

    Help customers integrate our solutions across their development pipeline. Drive technical issues to resolution. Collaborate with Sales and Consultants to improve overall customer experience. Work with the rest of the team to listen, challenge and refine customers feedback.

  • Mar 2019 -> Aug 2021

    Richemont S.A, Geneva

    L3/Lead Support Engineer

    Create, maintain and communicate technical documentation using defined templates. Help to create support scripts (Groovy, Bash...). Drive L2 Support nearshore team and provide support on subjects they can’t handle. Provide L3 Support for PROD and non-prod environments to the business and IT staff.

  • Aug 2017 -> Mar 2019

    Richemont S.A, Geneva

    Java & Support Engineer

    Develop, test, debug, deploy and support java-based solutions Main used technos : Adobe AEM, Jenkins, Scripting.

  • Sep 2015 -> July 2017

    Softeam Group, Nantes

    Software developer

    Development of web applications for diversified customers. Frontend in Angular js and Backend in JAVA Spring.

  • Sep 2013 -> Aug 2015

    Bimedia, La Roche sur Yon

    Software developer

    Development of modules both on the backend and frontend. Main used technos : PHP, CSS3, HTML5, XML, Javascript, Angular JS, Node JS, PostgreSQL, JAVA, WebService, REST, SOAP, GULP, BOWER.

  • 2005 -> 2006

    Sopra, Nantes

    Intern in Software development

    Internship at Sopra Group as a software developer in JAVA/J2EE in a service oriented architecture. Main used technos : JAVA/J2EE, JSF.

  • March 2012 -> Aug 2012

    Biofortis, Nantes

    Software developer trainee

    Upgrade of a LIMS from MS Access to a web based system: HTML/JAVASCRIPT/PHP/MySQL).

  • Sep 2013 -> Aug 2015

    LINA, Nantes

    Intern in Software and Algorithm development

    Implementation of the Restricted Partition Method (RPM) dedicated to the identification of epistasy,

  • Sep 2008 -> Jul 2009

    Inserm, Nantes

    Intern in Biotherapy and Genomics applied to heart diseases and cancer

    Evaluate the possibility of re-use of DNA chips from Agilent Technologies ®. Establishment of the protocol, wet lab experiences, and data analysis.