Hervé S. Maniraguha

Troubleshooter Entrepreneur Technologist Futurist Artist

Creative Engineer

Blockchain | Web3 | Tokenization


Hervé S. Maniraguha, a seasoned software engineer with a history of leading teams at Dotphoton AG and Richemont S.A, is now venturing into entrepreneurship, leveraging his extensive industry experience and adaptability.


Hervé offers extensive technical expertise in various programming languages and technologies, adept in scalable application development and always keen to learn, from scientific computing to blockchain.


Hervé's software development approach uniquely combines technical proficiency with creative problem-solving, resulting in innovative solutions tailored to user needs and business goals, enhanced by his passion for photography and cinema.

Personal Info


Hervé S. Maniraguha

Birth Date:

September 1987


Zug, Switzerland




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Hervé S. Maniraguha has a clear vision for integrating emerging technologies into practical applications. He focuses on adapting current trends to enhance project relevance and efficiency. His strategic approach helps in identifying effective tech solutions for business needs.

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Hervé possesses a versatile skill set in programming, with proficiency in web development languages like Java, JavaScript, and PhP. His expertise extends to Python and he has some experience with Go. Recently, he has expanded his repertoire to include Solidity.

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In leadership roles, Hervé combines technical knowledge with team management. He focuses on guiding teams through complex projects while aligning with overall business objectives. His approach involves fostering teamwork, clear communication, and a focus on meeting project milestones.

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